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Today we find a false store of projectors that a user has reported to us. A user who, thanks to our advice to recognize a fake store, has not fallen into the trap and has not been scammed. another scam, false projector store

Following our list of fake shops and frauds found on the Internet, we like to recognize this type of scams to show you and not cheat. Let’s see why it is a fraudulent online store.

The discounts are exorbitant in all products. It is not possible to go from a product that costs $ 2,599.99 to a discounted price of only $ 65.90. It is a full-fledged scam. In the following image we can see that this discount is applied to all products.

Storetity Ml Fake Shop Projector Store Productos


Other indicators

  • It is an unsafe page because it does not have a security certificate and it is not shown under the https protocol.
  • No data of the selling company.
  • The privacy policy and returns are in English and have very little text.
  • The icons of social networks in the footer do not lead to any profile.
  • They only allow payment by credit or debit card, neither Stripe nor Paypal
  • There are sections in different languages.