wervm.com a domain that changes brand

Wervm.com A Domain That Changes Brand

wervm.com continually changes content, hosting stores of different brands.




We have verified that wervm.com is a domain that has hosted many different fraudulent stores over time.

Since this web page exists, the domain has hosted fake stores of brands such as Salomon, Callaway or Sidi. At the time of writing this post, it is a fake footwear store of the Humtto brand. What does this mean? You should not trust him because he modifies his content continually trying to cheat.

Wervm.com A Domain That Changes Brand Products

The template he uses changes, the indicators that the store is false change and they are not always the same but it is clear that it is a scam as there are many details that prove it.

In short, this is a case in which we can not tell you the brand of the store they are supplanting, you simply have to look at the domain, not forget your name and distrust whenever you see it.