multiproduct fake shop Tienda Falsa Online Multiproducto

One of our users tells us that at they have cheated him. is a multi-product online shop. We have all kinds of products. It is not the first multiproduct false shop.

Analyzing the web we see that it has SSL. There is information about the company that is behind the web. You can pay with Paypal and have a Facebook icon that goes to a real profile. As for the prices they are as normal and above there are no rare discounts. What is the problem?. The problem of this type of stores (which is what has happened to our user) is that what appears in the product photo is not what really reaches you. They are usually Dropshipping stores that act as mediators of Chinese distributors and the products when they arrive are usually of very poor quality. So that must be taken into account when buying. We do not put it as a fake shop but a “scam”. Multiproduct Fake Shop