New Phishing email from Banco Santander

Email Phishing Banco Santander Ejemplo

We found a new Phishing email from Banco Santander

New Phishing email from Banco Santander

New Phising Email from Banco Santander, which you may have already heard about or have found it in your email inbox.

At we already have other phishing scams. “Phishing” is a social engineering technique used by cybercriminals to obtain confidential information such as user names, passwords and credit card details by posing as reliable and legitimate communication. In this case the source is, supposedly, Banco Santander. The deception can also hide a virus or a ramsonware that encrypts all the content of your computer or your device, asking for a ransom in the form of money or Bitcoins to decipher all your content.


New Phishing Email From Banco Santander


The email simulates being from Banco Santander but its creators have not even bothered to modify the sender email From: Santander ( which, as you can see, does not use the Santander bank’s domain, which would be

The cybercriminal tries to click on the link “Continue with the update” and thus go to a malicious page that may hijack your browser or capture your session cookies or even appear on a page where they ask for your card information.


Some antiphishing tips

  1. Check that the sender is the real source. Sometimes it is not as obvious as in this case. They usually change a letter or number of the real domains: instead of
  2. Never enter bank details in a form that arrives to you by email,
    Remember! your bank will never ask you to enter any information by email.
  3. ever click on any link in the email.
  4. In case of doubt go to the nearest office of your bank and communicate this matter.