New Amazon phishing email order confirmation

Email Phishing Amazon Order Confirmation

New Amazon phishing email order confirmation supplanting Amazon giant

New Amazon phishing email order confirmation

We have received a new Email phishing Amazon order confirmation. It is a supposed confirmation of an order that we have never made. Watch out for this! Well, cyber criminals know that who or who has placed the least orders in Amazon and it is possible that the deception gains credibility at the moment we are waiting for an order.

The only link that appears in the email, is to cancel the order “Cancel the order” and, if we look closely and put the mouse pointer over the link, we can see the URL to the address that does not have to do anything with Amazon. Look at the following screenshot.

Email Phishing Amazon Order Links

The cybercriminal who has prepared this fraud plays with an order of $ 250 to alert us and have us click on the link. The purpose of this email may be to collect our Amazon data or even our credit card information. So that this does not happen to you, we advise you to use a prepaid card where you only add the money that you need for your purchase and in this way even if they are made with the data they will not be able to get anything out.