Email Phishing USPS ticket

Email Phishing Ups Ticket

New Email Phishing Usps ticket, posing as UPS


Email Phishing Usps ticket


We have found a new fraud in the form of phishing. We report a new email Phishing Usps ticket with the subject “USPS ticket # 98257”, posing as the courier service of the UPS company. In this case it seems that the cybercriminals just want to receive visits to a page of pharmacy products where They sell Viagra, Cialis and other products. We know this because all the mail links lead to the same url as you can see in the following screenshot

Email Phishing Ups Ticket Link Url


The landing page is a WordPress, we know it by the directory “wp-content” that appears in this url that, as you know, it is a directory where all the content of the web is stored, leaving aside the files of the WordPress core.

There are many cases of Phishing like this, some more serious and others less. In this case it is not a serious matter so only your mail provider will treat it and send it to your SPAM folder.