Paypal phishing by email, “Confirm your identity”

Phishing Paypal Email Confirma Identidad

Paypal phishing by email, “Confirm your identity”


Paypal phishing by email, “Confirm your identity”

We have detected a new scam in the network, it is a new phishing, in this case it is Paypal, as you know, it is a secure online payment method. We are convinced that you use this platform to make secure payments in online stores or internet services like millions of other people around the world. That’s why phishing is aimed at getting the highest number of victims and their credentials.

Paypal Phishing By Email


The email, with subject “Confirm your identity” has the Paypal logo to make it more credible, and a text asking you for security you must confirm your identity by clicking on the blue “Confirm your identity” button. Never click on this button! then you will be redirected to a malicious web page where they will try to steal your data.

If you look closely, the email has serious flaws that indicate that it is a scam. To start sending email is, and does not belong to Paypal.
On the other hand, both the “Confirm your identity” button and any of the blue links, take you to the same malicious page ( as you can see in the screenshot below.


Paypal Phishing By Email Confirm Your Identity


It is a scam in full rule so be careful with this type of emails and do not click on any button or link.

Remember that no service, bank, payment gateway, etc. that you use, it will ask you never to enter your data through an email.

If you have doubts, do a little research on the net and under no circumstances do you click on the links.