www.converseoutletmadrid.es questionable online store Converse

Www.converseoutletmadrid.es Tienda Falsa Online Zapatillas Converse

There are many fake shops that pose as outlets of a brand. Today we bring you for example www.converseoutletmadrid.es


www.converseoutletmadrid.es is a fake onlines shop that passes for an outlet of the brand Converse (this is very typical in certain fake stores). If we look closely at the page and especially the prices we see things that do not start to square. Especially in the name of the products. For example: las mujeres conversan marimekko todas las altas cimas de estrella de la lona abigarrada conjunta. The name is already quite strange. If we take into account that the market price of real Converse is € 128 and they are selling it for just over € 48, you have to be suspicious.


Www.converseoutletmadrid.es Fake Online Shop Sneakers


It’s not the first fake store we have of Converse.

If we look a little more we see that there are mistranslated texts. Very typical of questionable online store. This is a fraud