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We are facing another fake online store. In this case is dedicated to selling shoes. This fake online shop sells Converse brand shoes.
It’s not the first time we talked about Converse here.

Detecting that this was a fake store has been difficult because they usually have very low prices, but this store has prices that could pass for good. For example: some Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 Vintage Canvas Parchment that usually cost around 70 € here are around 30. Fake Online Shop Shoes

Then, if we notice that it does not have an SSL certificate and that it has nothing to do with the original brand, we realize that it is a scam.

How can I avoid being cheated?

In case this store has cheated you read our advice on what to do if I've been cheated. In addition, you can avoid being cheated by using our guidelines to how to know if an online store is a Scam

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