questionable online store Pandora jewelry

40 /100

  • Grandes descuentos y precios bajos
  • Solo pago con tarjeta y transferencia
  • Ausencia de datos de la empresa
  • No existe política de devoluciones
  • No existen comentarios de los usuarios
  • No hay sistemas de valoración
Pandora Rebajas Tienda Online Dudosa Pandora

send us a user the following shop : reviews is a fake online store that sells Pandora’s jewelry. It’s not the first fake Pandora’s shop we’ve had on the web.

Analyzing the store we see that it has SSL. Plus we can see it’s on a temporary domain. What does that mean? That this type of fake shop is a temporary shop. They are made in free sites (that’s why that domain). They bring people to buy with Facebook or Instragram advertising and then after 1 month or less the store disappears and the cybercriminals have taken the money. Even more, if we click to buy any of the items, we are sent to another jewelry store, (which is definitely fake). prices

We’re definitely talking about a fake online store and a possible fraud. This shop as the one you redirect are fake shops so we advise you not to buy here.

Pandora Rebajas Tienda Online Dudosa 1
Pandora Rebajas Tienda Online Dudosa 1