pikolinosezapato.online fake shoes online shop

Pikolinosezapato.online Tienda Online Dudosa Zapatos Pikolinos

We bring you pikolinosezapato.online a new fake online shoe store.




As you enter pikolinosezapato.online you realize that you have seen the design more times. We have already discussed that many of these fake online stores use the same template. So they only have to change the products, the logo and they already have a new store.

pikolinosezapato.online like other online fake stores like Columbia or Desigual uses the same template. That’s why it’s so easy to identify it.

If we look at any of the products they sell, we have found where the scam is. Ridiculous prices that are far from the real prices of the Pikolinos shoe brand.

Pikolinosezapato.online Fake Online Shop Shoe Scam

Searching among the web pages we find the same problems as always: poorly translated pages, incorrect data. Typical of the template of these fake online stores.



Pikolinosezapato.online Fake Online Shop Shoe Scam Pages

So we can identify pikolinosezapato.online as a fake online store that tries to cheat by selling shoes.