fake online store multi-brand Ake Online Store Multi Brand

They email us, a new multi-brand store for analysis., is a fake multi-brand online store where you can find top brands such as Adidas, Armani, Bering, Desigual, Isabel Marant, Loreak Mendian, PARFOIS, Ralph Lauren, Chloé or Tizzas. This shop uses a well known template in which we find various indicators that show us the scam. Ake Online Store Multi Brand Products


To begin with, there are some very exaggerated discounts that should not deceive you. The price of a dress can not go from 594.82€ to 217.27€, this is an excessively large discount and although we want to think that it is real, it is not!

The icons of the social networks at the bottom of the page redirect to the home page of the same website. and the sections that should show information about the company and terms of payment, use, privacy policy, etc. are incomplete and untranslated. This indicator is very common to identify a fake store from another that is not.

Although it has a contact form, the most likely is that they will not answer or answer you with evasive. Do not trust! it is undoubtedly a fraud, a scam like many others.