fake onlin shop for sneakers Fake Onlin Shop For Sneakers

Send us, a fake online store of branded sneakers. is another fake online store for multi-brand sneakers. It is one of those that we have found that more different brands offer and has the widest catalog. Among the brands offered there are some well known as Adidas, Airstep, Blauer, CallagHan, Camper, Carhartt, Converse, Dr Martens, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Pura Lopez, Ralph Lauren, or Reebok.

We can see how the prices are not very normal, hidden behind a fake Outlet have very large discounts and even have decimals. Fake Onlin Shop For Sneakers Products


As a method of payment only accept bank card and we know what that means. They don’t offer secure payment methods like Paypal so you can’t complain if you are swindled. In addition, giving your credit or debit card details can lead to problems later on.

The sections of privacy policy and legal notice, it is not that they are badly translated, it is that they DO NOT EXIST directly, which already indicates something bad to us. In addition, there are no profiles of social networks so we can not inform ourselves about the alleged company that sells these products.

In short, is a scam in every rule, a fraud, and you should not buy anything here.