jacketsalesbuy.club questionable online store Carhartt

Jacketsalesbuy.club Tienda Falsa Online Chaquetas Abrigos Carhartt

We continue to discover questionable online stores. This time it’s jacketsalesbuy.club


jacketsalesbuy.club is a questionable online store that sells coats, jackets, etc. of the well-known brand Carhartt.
It is not the first time we talked about Carhartt on this website.
Like many other online stores, jacketsalesbuy.club uses a well-known template and can be seen at a distance that it is a scam.
Especially if you look at the prices that are always too cheap.


Jacketsalesbuy.club Fake Online Shop Coats Jackets


If we look a little more in the shop we will see that it is evidently a false online store that tries to cheat.

So what we always say to you. Be very careful where you shop.