feijooregoyasociados.es questionable online store branded clothing

Feijooregoyasociados.es Tienda Online Dudosa Moda Marca

A user sent us this store feijooregoyasociados.es


feijooregoyasociados.es is a fake branded clothing shop. We have seen articles from Oakley, New Balance, Bench, etc. It is not the first fake clothing store that we have on the web.

Analyzing the web we see that it does not have SSL. There are parts of the web that are untranslated. There is no company information behind the web. You can only pay by credit card but indicate more means of payment. The design leaves a lot to be desired. As for prices we see great discounts like an Oakley glasses whose market price would be almost 100 € here are sold for just over 33 €. Without a doubt a fake online store and a scam.

Feijooregoyasociados.es Fake Online Shop Branded Clothing