emagroup.es fake shop online clothing

Emagroup.es Tienda Falsa Online Ropa Complementos Tizzas

They send us the following online shop through e-mail: emagroup.es


emagroup.es is a fake online clothing shop. She sells clothes from various brands such as Oakley, Tizzas, Carhartt, Fossil, etc.

If we analyze the web we see that it does not have SSL (we started badly). If we keep looking a little more we see that at the bottom of the page has social network icons that do not point to anywhere.

Looking a little more we see that the texts of the web are not translated. If we see the prices then they are not realistic. Branded watches with almost 50% discount is not possible (unless they are fakes). We are undoubtedly in front of a fake shop and a scam.


Emagroup.es Fake Clothing Online Shop