fake Apple shop Tienda Falsa Online Apple

We are mailed this store is a fake shop that is sold as an Apple reseller.

Almost everyone knows that they do not let anyone be an Apple reseller so let’s analyze the store. At first it has SSL is a free certificate that can put whoever you want on your website and costs nothing, let’s keep looking. It is sold as the AppleStore of California. Although there is an AppleStore in California it certainly does not have a website and sells for it. The most curious thing about everything and that is what has to make you suspect is that there is no payment gateway. You buy the product and you have to send money to some accounts or pay in stores OXXO and 7ELEVEN. On the web they talk about payment gateway but in reality does not exist. It is a bank transfer. If we also look at the prices.  We offer the Iphone XR 128 GB that in the Apple store is sold from more than 900 €. In the store this and offer is sold for just over 450 €. No doubt you don’t need to look any further. This is a fake shop and a scam. Fake Online Apple Shop