ueopesa.ga fake shop online Suunto

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We are back with a new fake technology online shop: ueopesa.ga


ueopesa.ga is a fake online store that sells all kinds of Suunto watches. It is not the first fake online technology store we have. We have a few of Xiaomi.
If we look at the web a bit we see that as in all prices are too low.

For example a SPARTAN ULTRACOPPER SPECIAL EDITION whose price goes up to € 700 is worth little more than € 16.

Suuntoshop.online Fake Shop Watches

And if we look at other prices we always see the same thing. Prices that are little credible.

Suuntoshop.online Fake Shop Online Watches Scam

So we can say that we are facing another new online scam.


Why it is a scam?

  • Although it has an SSL security certificate and the web is shown under the https protocol. (the green padlock next to the url) is a scam.
  • They offer high discounts.
  • There is no specific information about the company.
  • The sections (Privacy policy, legal notice, etc.) are poorly translated.
  • Little information on payment methods, in reality only accept credit card.
  • There is no return policy.
  • There is no option to leave comments about the products.
  • No customer ratings.