questionable online store multiproducts Tienda Online Dudosa Multiproductos

Today we bring you a questionable online store that has all kinds of products is a questionable online store that sells everything. From computing, to things like sports, cars, motorcycles, clothes, cleaning products. The truth is that it has everything this store.

If you look at the prices there are some products in which there is not much difference with the market price but for example we found in the computer part an HP server that certainly is not worth 1. And like that another type of computer products that of course do not have those prices. Fake Online Shop Multiproducts


This false online shop like many others has come to us thanks to our contact form. There every day you send us the fake shops that you find and an infinity of doubts and questions that we try to answer when we can (we are a small team).

If we look at the social profiles we can see that they do not point to any real profile so we are facing a scam.