abacocioycultura.es questionable online store multiproduct

Abacocioycultura.es Tienda Falsa Online Multiproductos

First of all thanks to all those who send us questionable online stores through the web form. Today abacocioycultura.es has arrived


abacocioycultura.es is a false multi-product online shop. They have everything from baby things, like shoes, fashion, etc. It is not the first false multiproduct shop we have on the web.

If we analyze the web a bit we see that it does not have SSL (you have to start suspecting). Then the usual in these shops: prices. The prices are too low (almost a 60% discount). That also makes you suspect. Then if we look further we see that there are web pages that do not work or give an error (something other than suspicion).


Abacocioycultura.es Fake Online Shop Multiproduct