ifnwashop.com fake online multiproduct shop

Ifnwashop.com Tienda Falsa Online Multiproducto

One of our users sends us this shop ifnwashop.com because he thinks he has been cheated. Let’s analyze it


ifnwashop.com is a multi-product fake shop. You can find everything from articles to assemble a network at home as clothes. It is not the first multiproduct shop we have.

Our user sent us the address and initially they have set up the store with SSL and without SSL (here you have to start suspecting). If we look for information about the company that is behind the online store, we do not find it and in terms of prices (for example) they do not differ much in price from the market. Even so and for all the above we are before a fake store and a scam.

Ifnwashop.com Fake Online Multiproduct Shop