zzposr.gq questionable online store Bimba y Lola

Www.bimylobolsos.com Tienda Falsa Online Bimba Y Lola

We continue in the world of fashion. This time with zzposr.gq


zzposr.gq is a clone of www.bimylobolsos.com and is a questionable online store of the brand Bimba y Lola. We can find all kinds of products such as bags, sports shoes, etc.

As always we go first to look at the prices (which is what usually indicates that the store is false). In this questionable online store for example we have a BAG TOTE BRAZED GRANDE ROSA that has a price of almost € 140 here sold for about € 17. That already has to make you suspect.

Www.bimylobolsos.com Fake Online Shop Style


We see that the shop is very similar to others that we already have here like Desigual. They are all clones of each other in which they only change the brand and the products.

If we go to the data of the company we already find texts without translating which indicates that we are before a false online store and therefore a scam.


Why it is a scam?

  • It does not have security certificate or secure protocol https.
  • They offer high discounts.
  • There is no specific information about the company.
  • The sections (Privacy policy, legal notice, etc.) are poorly translated.
  • Little information on payment methods, in reality only accept credit card.
  • There is no return policy.
  • There is no option to leave comments about the products.
  • No customer ratings.