xmovils.com fake shop smartphones Xiaomi

Xmovils.com Tienda Online Dudosa Moviles Xiaomi

We are sent to analyze xmovils.com


xmovils.com is another clone of fake online mobile store brand Xiaomi. We have many clones of fake pages of Xiaomi.

Analyzing the web we see that it has SSL. We also see that the contact email of the website is the same as many other clones of questionable online stores. In the footer of the page they put several methods of payment but then they only let you pay by credit card. As far as prices are concerned we see mobile phones reduced to 50% and although many Xiaomi distributors sell below the official price they do not have discounts of 50%. So in view of the above we are dealing with a fake shop and a scam.

Xmovils.com Fake Shop Smartphones Xiaomi