www.woolparka.club questionable online store WoolRich

Www.woolparka.club Tienda Falsa Online Abrigos Woolrich

We continue in the world of fashion. Today we bring you www.woolparka.club


www.woolparka.club is a questionable online storeof coats. But not of any coat but classy coats of Woolrich In the clothing and fashion sector there are many questionable online stores like Desigual

If we look at the prices we see that prices are always very far from market prices. In this case we find a coat W’S Eskimo whose price is almost € 700 for just over € 50. That already has to make us suspect.

Www.woolparka.club Fake Online Shop Coats

If we look a little more at the fake shop we see that they only accept credit cards and do not have payment gateways like Paypal. That shows that we are facing a scam