www.fujiangs.club fake Polaroid online shop

www.fujiangs.club Tienda Falsa Fotografia Polaroid

We’re still stuck in fake tech shops. Today with www.fujiangs.club


www.fujiangs.club is a fake online technology shop. In this case of products from the Polaroid house. We have all kinds of products in this fake shop. From photo cameras, instant photo cameras and photo printers.

As always what we are going to look at first are the prices. And that’s where we realize that there is something strange. For example. A Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera With LCD Display (Black) With Zink Zero Ink that has a price of almost € 180 in this questionable online store worth just over € 30. That has to make us suspect. And like this model others like with not very real prices.

www.fujiangs.club Fake Online Shop Photography