www.desigualitienda.com fake online Shop Desigual

Www.desigualitienda.com Tienda Falsa Online Moda Desigual

Well, we continue in the world of fashion and clothing. Today we come with www.desigualitienda.com


www.desigualitienda.com is a clothing shop of the Desigual brand. In this wbe we have many clones of online fake shops of Desigual.

If we start to analyze the fake online store we see that it is a little more careful. It has SSL certificate although it still continues with Black Friday. That means it is not up to date.

If we go to the section prices then the same as always. The Mersin Jacket that normally costs € 150 then in this fake online store € 15. That already has to make you suspect.

And like that many other prices of coats, jackets, etc.

www.desigualitienda.com Fake Online Shop Scam Style

Although the questionable online store has SSL if we look a little more we see that for example it has untranslated texts. Something very typical of these questionable online store. We are facing a scam