woemart.com multi-product fake shop

Woemart.com Tienda Falsa Online Multiproducto

Another multi-product shop that has sent us woemart.com


woemart.com is a false multi-product online shop. The same thing you buy duvets for the bed that accessories for the car. It is not the first multi-product false shop we have. We have several like this.

Analyzing the store we see that it has SSL so we keep looking. It only admits the card payment. No Paypal or other payment gateways. There is no information of the company that is behind the online store. It has social network icons that do not point to any profile. In terms of prices we see that they are cheap but surely they are low quality products. Taking into account the above is a questionable online store and be careful because you can get ripped off.

Woemart.com Fake Online Multiproducts Shop