wervm.com questionable online store shoes Salomon

Wervm.com Tienda Falsa Zapatillas Salomon

We continue with fake online shoe shops. In this case wervm.com


wervm.com is a questionable online store of Salomon shoes. Salomon is one of the brands with more clones of webs that we have found.
As in all questionable online stores you just have to see the prices of the items to realize that it is a scam.
Some Salomon Speedcross 3 CS Women’s Trail Running Shoes Blue 8559-1350 that are worth almost € 140 in this fake online store are worth less than 30 €.


Wervm.com Fake Online Shop Shoes

If we investigate a little more we see that the icons of Social Networks point to profiles of Calvin Klein and not of Salomon. Another indicator that we are facing a scam.


Update: We have noticed that the web now sells another type of product. It is normal. They change products and brands to be able to swindle more.