vsshops.club questionable online store Vans

Vsshops.club Tienda Online Dudosa Sneakers Vans

A new fake online clothing shop. Today we bring you vsshops.club


vsshops.club is a questionable online store of Vans sneaksers. It is not the first questionable online store we have of Vans brand products.

Like other online stores, the first thing we look at is the price. Here we have it more difficult since not to be expensive products the difference between the market price and the price of this false online shop is not much.

Anyway, a Vans X Metallica Classic Slip-On Shoes that are for almost € 60 are sold for just over € 20 you have to suspect.


Vsshops.club Fake Online Shop Sneakers

If we investigate a little more, we have what we always have. Social network icons that do not point to any site. One more demonstration that we are facing a scam.