fake technology store

Vextelzo Com Fake Technology Store is another fake store that sells technology products. fake technology store


Today we bring you a fake store that seems very real but there are several issues that indicate that it can be a fraud. Although it has SSL certificate enabled and the page is displayed under the https protocol, there are reasons that make us think it is false.

To begin the discounts are rare (41%, 16% …).

The links to your social networks do not lead to any profile but they only serve to share the page in your own profile.

We do not find data referring to the company that sells the products and therefore we can not trust if something happens in the purchase process and we want to claim.

But the main issue, and the one we like the least, is that they only allow payment by bank transfer or by direct deposit into your account.

Vextelzo Com Fake Technology Store Pay


For all these reasons we think that it is a FAKE page and we do not recommend buying any product in it.

If you have any questions you can see our recommendations to know if an online store is false.