online shop fake branded perfumes

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  • Grandes descuentos y precios bajos
  • Ausencia de datos de la empresa
  • No existe política de devoluciones
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A user sends us the following online shop : reviews is a fake perfume online shop. It is not the first fake perfume online shop that we have on the web.

Analysing the shop we can see that it has SSL. The fact that it is on a .xyz domain already makes us suspicious. We found no information about the company behind the website. And the only information we have found refers to another online shop, not this one. In the payment methods we could only see cash on delivery. We find it very strange that you can’t pay by credit card. prices

In terms of prices we see discounts on many of the products. What we do see are very low prices. Considering the above we are facing a fake online shop and a possible scam. Our advice is not to buy from this shop just in case. Online Shop Fake Branded Perfumes Online Shop Fake Branded Perfumes