questionable online store about house tools Fake Online Shop About House Tools another fake store on the internet. questionable online store of tools to work

This fake website is a scam. Offer products and work tools such as drills, wrenches, etc. They have not taken care of the details of layout or the image of the store itself. At first glance, we already generate distrust.

Its super low prices already indicate that it is a questionable online store. Fake Online Shop About House Tools Products


Other false store indicators

There is only one form of payment, by credit or debit ard,

There is no Paypal or Stripe.

There are no social networks of the selling company. Foot icons direct the main pages of each of the social networks.

There is no type of information about the company: there is no NIF, nor address …

There is no contact information such as address, email, etc. where to get in touch with those responsible.


Be very careful, it is a fake online store, however much it may seem real.