dubious multi-product online shop

70 /100

  • Grandes descuentos y precios bajos
  • Ausencia de datos de la empresa
  • No existen comentarios de los usuarios Tienda Online Dudosa Multiproducto

Several users send us the following online shop : reviews is a dubious multi-product online shop. One of those that sells everything and trending products.

Analysing the shop we can see that it has SSL. The design of the shop leaves much to be desired. There is no information about the company behind the website. They have PayPal payment. prices

As far as prices are concerned, this shop is not normal. We see graphics cards whose market price is more than 1000 € and here they are sold for less than 100 or computers worth more than 1000 € for little more than 100 €. Without a doubt this is a dubious online shop. Dubious Multi Product Online Shop Dubious Multi Product Online Shop