timberlandetienda.online questionable online store Timberland

Timberlandetienda.online Tienda Online Dudosa Zapatos Botas Timberland

We continue with the fake clothing shops We bring you timberlandetienda.online


timberlandetienda.online is a questionable online store of boots and shoes by Timberland. We continue in the world of boots and shoes.

As always, the first thing we’re going to look at are the prices. And here’s where we can see that it’s probably a questionable online store.

For example. A BOOT 6 INCH ICON PREMIUM FOR MAN IN BROWN that goes on the market the price of € 200 in this questionable online store we have for just over € 200

And as this example there is much more.

Timberlandetienda.online Fake Online Shop Scam Boot

Then the typical of always in these false online shops. Pages without translating correctly and the typical things that we always talk about as having no payment gateways like Paypal or Stripe.

We are clearly facing a scam.