tedbakersale.online fake Ted Baker store

Xishuai.gq Tienda Falsa De Ted Baker

tedbakersale.online is a FAKE STORE of clothing products of the brand Ted Baker.


xishuai.gq fake Ted Baker store


tedbakersale.online is a FALSE online store of clothing products of the brand Ted Baker.

It is a SCAM without any doubt. This store uses a well-known template on fakeinet.com.

It is a scam that we find on Facebook within the advertisements that appear on our wall. Cyber ​​criminals use free domains .gq .ga .cf and .ml to host fake shops and scam users.


Tedbakersale.online Fake Ted Baker Store Products


Discounts of more than 90% (totally impossible), absence of social networks and company data, poorly translated sections … It has all the indicators to know that it is a fraud, a fake shop without any doubt.

Never buy or leave your data in this type of stores because even if they do not cheat you directly and do not send you any product, they could use the data of your card to sell them in the deep web.