talleresojea.es questionable online store glasses

Talleresojea.es Tienda Falsa Online Gafas Alta Gama

A user sends us this talleresojea.es shop and tells us how they have scammed 33 € for some glasses that have not arrived.



talleresojea.es is an fake online eyewears shop. You have glasses of well-known brands such as Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Ck, etc.

If we analyze the web we see that it does not have SSL to begin with (you have to start suspecting). All the icons below the payment gateways, security, etc are an image so there is something else to suspect. If we look a little more we see that there are parts of the web that are untranslated. If we go to the prices then of course it is already to finish suspecting. Glasses over € 120 on this website are sold for just over € 20. We are undoubtedly in front of a fake store and a scam.


Talleresojea.es Fake Online Shop Glasses