fake online store Salomon Fake Online Store Salomon

We found browsing the internet. is a fake online store of Salomon brand products.

It is not the first nor will it be the last one we find of this brand, because Salomon is one of the brands that we have in the fake store listing.

It is a landing page from where other fake stores with extensions known as .gq .ga arrive. ml .cf, used by cybercriminals to host false pages.

Looking at the web we see that it has the secure “https” protocol that tells us that it has active an SSL security certificate. This should not deceive us because the other indicators show us that it is a fake store. Very low prices, Absence of social networks and specific data of the company. The texts of the sections of the web are either excasos or are badly translated …

Only one of these indicators is fulfilled, it is enough reason not to buy in it. Do not do it, it’s just another scam.

Salomonuzapato Com Fake Online Store Salomon Products