qzdqvmall.com multi-product online fake shop

Qzdqvmall.com Tienda Falsa Online Multiproducto

Surfing the web we have found this fake shop qzdqvmall.com


qzdqvmall.com is a false multiproduct shopthat sells jewelry, camping items or appliances. We have a few fake multi-product stores on the web.

By analyzing the store we see that it has SSL so we keep looking. There is no information of the company that is behind the web by any site. They have icons of social networks that do not point to any profile. The payment can only be made by bank transfer and by credit card. As for the prices are a little lower than the market price. For example, we found a refrigerator for wines that cost almost € 100 in this store and for € 130 at Amazon. Very little difference. Still, this is a fake shop and a scam.

Qzdqvmall.com Fake Multiproduct Online Shop