oyrvj.com questionable online store Dyson

Oyrvj.com Tienda Falsa Online Aspiradoras Dyson

We already know that together with clothing, the preferred products of questionable online store are technology. Today it’s the turn of oyrvj.com



oyrvj.com is a fake online vacuum shop. But not just any vacuum cleaner but the Dyson brand. For those who do not know it, it is one of the most powerful brands in the world of vacuum cleaners.

To see if the shop is fake we will look at prices as always (that’s where almost all are discovered). In this for example we have a Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro Barrel Vacuum whose price is almost one thousand euros for just over € 200. And if we look at other prices, things are similar.


Oyrvj.com Fake Online Shop Vacuuums

Taking into account that it does not have an SSL certificate (like many other fake online stores) and if we investigate a little more we see that it only has credit cards to pay it is very clear that we are facing a scam.