overolma.xyz questionable online store Gaming

Overolma.xyz Tienda Online Dudosa Gaming

We continue with the online fake tech shops. Today overolma.xyz


overolma.xyz is a questionable online store that sells Gaming products. We have computers, chairs, headphones, etc. Everything a gamer needs.

At first glance we already see that the online shop does not look very good. If we enter the section of product prices. He passes himself off as a Overclockers UK shop.

Overolma.xyz Tienda Online Dudosa Computers

We enter the prices and we see very high range computers whose price is almost € 2000 that in this fake online store sells for just over € 50. That already has to sound like a fixed scam.

If above we look at profiles of social networks that do not point anywhere we are in front of a scam.