okmarket.es fake online technology shop

Okmarket.es Tienda Online Falsa Tecnologia

We analyze okmarket.es

Opinions okmarket.es

okmarket.es is a fake online technology store. It is not the first fake technology store we have on the web.

Analyzing the store we see that it has SSL. This shop is one of the same as a well-known shop on this website: Alain Global. They are the same but under a different name. They threatened us at one time for discovering what they were doing. Although you can pay with Paypal and there is information about the company, it is not reliable.

Prices okmarket.es

We do not see discounts on the web but what we do see are quite low prices for many items. In addition there have been several users who have told us (with evidence) that they have bought in this online store and that they have not received the articles. No doubt we are dealing with a fake online store and again a possible scam. Be very careful when buying in this shop.

Okmarket.es Fake Online Technology Shop