nkstay.com questionable online store Nike products

Nkstay.com Tienda Online Dudosa Zapatillas Deportivas Nike

Here we come with nkstay.com fake online store of sneakers.


nkstay.com enters as a new store of Nike sports shoes. As always we see similarities with other stores. And we have already told you that almost all online fake shops use the same templates.

You just have to see that almost all fake online stores first meet prices too cheap to be true.

A Nike Men’s Air Max 2018 Steam Flyknit cost only € 30. Its normal cost is more than € 200.

But look at the prices of nkstay.com

Nkstay.com Fake Online Shop Scam


If we look in more detail at the fake online store we find familiar things. As they send you an email with the order number 12 hours after payment.


Nkstay.com Fake Online Shop Scam Payments

We have seen this technique in other fake online stores such as Salomon or Reebok.

So after what we have shown you we put nkstay.com in our list of fake online stores.

And we repeat what we always say to you. Do not be fooled by such low prices. It is usually a scam.