m-marquardt.de questionable online store Dr Martens

M Marquardt.de Tienda Online Dudosa Drmartens Belstaff

Do not write a user telling us that you have been scammed in this shop m-marquardt.de


m-marquardt.de is a questionable online store Dr Martens and Belstaff. We have many clones and questionable online stores of Dr Martens.

If we analyze the store we start with that it does not have SSL (that already had to make you suspect). Although the store is in German, the texts on the website are in English (another reason to suspect). Regarding the issue of prices we see that there are rebates of almost all products of 50%. Jackets that are worth more than € 400 are sold for just over € 200. In addition it is made happen through a outlet of Belstaff. Without a doubt, this is a fake shop and a scam.

m-marquardt.de Fake Online Shop Drmartens Belstaff