questionable online store Munich Tienda Falsa Online Munich

Another shopthat one of our users sends us: is a fake shop of the Munich brand. Undoubtedly, clothing and technology are the flagship products of these fake online stores. We have talked about other fake shoe shops.

If we analyze the web we see that it does not have SSL (you have to start suspecting). If we look a little more we see that the social profiles that are at the bottom of the page point to the page itself (another thing to suspect). If you look at the prices they could go through real prices. We are on sale and many of the items have a good discount although we see that for example shoes that are worth 100 in this store are sold for € 50 (half) but it is still a questionable online store (for the reasons I explained before ) And a scam. The shoes are cheaper in the original store. Fake Online Shop Munich