louboutinventa.es questionable online store Louboutin

Louboutinventa.es Tienda Falsa Online Zapatos Christian Louboutin

One of our users makes us arrive by using the form on the website louboutinventa.es


louboutinventa.es is a false shop of Christian Louboutin shoes. This website has not yet been included in our website but we have many fake online shoe shops.

If we look closely at the web we see that at first does not have SSL (which should make you suspect). If we look at the texts of the web we see that some are poorly translated. And finally, if we see the prices, we are very clear that it is a scam. Boots that sell for € 1000 of market price can not be worth little more than € 100. This is clearly a questionable online store.

Louboutinventa.es Fake Online Shop Louboutin