kasmani-electrodomesticos.es fake online technology shop

Kasmani Electrodomesticos.es Tienda Falsa Tecnologia

We have sent this online shop kasmani-electrodomesticos.es



kasmani-electrodomesticos.es as we are not clear if it is a fake online store we will analyze it. It sells consoles, mobiles, tablets, it has Apple zone, it has SSL so in the beginning it has something well done.

In the envelope we do not find anything about the company behind the web (these data must always be). They have a contact email well visible on the home page. Although in the lower part we see categories of products without images (we start to have it a little clearer).

kasmani-electrodomesticos.es Categories

If we look a little more we see that prices are a little lower than the market.

kasmani-electrodomesticos.es Ipad


The interesting thing comes at the time of paying. A technique that sounds familiar to us from pages like 365games A the time to pay and if you pay by transfer there are no additional costs. If you pay by credit card or Paypal you get a surcharge.


Kasmani Electrodomesticos.es Paypayl Chargers

We are getting a 16% surcharge on the price of the tablet. That’s right. If you make a bank transfer you will not be charged any surcharge. We are clearly in front of a fake shop and a scam.