kankustaduoforte.es false online shop multiproducts

Kankustaduoforte.es Tienda Online Falsa Multiproducto

We analyze kankustaduoforte.es



kankustaduoforte.es is a fake multiproduct online shop. Of those in which they sell everything. It is not the first fake online multiproduct shop we have on the web.

Analyzing the web we see that it does not have SSL. There are untranslated parts of the web. There are other unfinished parts of the web. You can only pay with a credit card. we read that they don’t send any follow-up mail or anything and then send you a product that has nothing to do with what you bought. as far as prices are concerned we see important discounts of up to more than 70%. There is no doubt that we are dealing with a fake store and a scam.

Kankustaduoforte.es False Online Shop Multiproducts