Fake shop for children’s products Tienda Falsa Fake De Articulos Para Ninos Fake shop for children’s products fake online shop for playgrounds and children’s products

We present another fraudulent shop that is supposed to sell playgrounds, play items and children’s toys.

At first glance it seems real because its URL shows that it hasan SSL security certificate and the browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox tell you that the page is secure and show the green padlock. Https Fake Shop For Childrens Products


However, the high discounts of their prices already indicate with almost total certainty that it is a fake store. Fake Shop For Childrens Products


Other indicators

Like all scams of this type, the payment method is always with a credit or debit card. There is no possibility to pay with other secure payment methods such as Paypal or Stripe.

There is no information about the “company” that supposedly sells the products.

There are no links to your social networks where you can get more information.

Their privacy and return policies are exhaustion and confusing and they are also in another language.


Without a doubt, this is another example of a false online store that tries to trick the user with very “discounted” prices. It is definitely a Scam.

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