ibasket.es fake clothing and accessories store

Ibasket.es Fake Clothing And Accessories Store

basket.es is a new scam of clothes, accessories and other items.


Today we bring you ibasket.es, a fake online store that sells women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry and even toys. The page always changes the appearance of your home, showing different products each time it is loaded again.

Studying this store we see that, like many others, it has excessively reduced prices. It has no data on the alleged company that sells the products and other things. In addition, it lacks contact section or privacy policy or legal notice.

Apparently, it is a real shop but there are many indications that show that we are facing a scam.


Ibasket.es Fake Clothing And Accessories Store Products


Do not be fooled by the amount of products that you have in your catalog, Ali Baba type, it is just another hook for you to buy some.

Why is it a scam?

  • It does not have an SSL security certificate, it is not shown under the https protocol.
  • They offer high discounts and all or almost all items.
  • There is no specific information about the company.
  • The sections Privacy policy, legal notice, etc., do not exist.
  • Little information about payment methods.
  • There is no return policy.
  • There is no option to leave comments about the products.
  • No customer ratings.

Remember that does not mean that all these indicators must be met to know that an online store is false.