fake online store Adidas Fake Online Store Adidas

They send us by email, a fake online store of the Adidas brand.


A user sends us for us to analyze. This is a fake store, a scam like so many others we have on this site. To begin with, its prices are already quite suspicious. A 299,99€ shoe (supposedly) is now worth 21,99€. Not in the best of outlets does this happen.

It doesn’t have profiles in social networks where we can get some information from the company that sells the products, it doesn’t even have icons of them to try to deceive. They only accept payment by bank card, suggably to steal your card details and make purchases later or sell them on the deep web. At the bottom of the page appears the Geotrust logo. Fake Online Store Adidas Products


We can read “Secured by Geotrust, Secure SSL encryption” which is supposed to use an SSL security certificate on the web, however the url is not shown under the secure protocol “https”.

The “about us” and “privacy policy” sections lack relevant data and contain texts with little sense and without clearly defining each one. In short, this is clearly a questionable online store, one more scam.